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General Terms and Conditions for Customers

General Terms and Conditions for Customers

1. Procurement undertakes only the provision of the tour guide. After the procurement, all further arrangements are undertaken by the client and guide.

2. Requests

We make every effort to provide you with a guide appropriate to your requests. In the request, which in the rule is carried out online, further general conditions to the operation will be determined, including price, location and time-frame. Procuration is regarded as being accomplished, when the name and telephone number of the customer has been sent to the tour guide via e-mail. At the same time, the guide will receive the customer data via e-mail. The basic conditions stated in the request are binding to the guide and client.

3. Price

The price is determined with the inquiry of the client. The money will be paid to the guide after his appearance. The price consists of the commission fee for - 20 % of the total sum - and the fee for the guide.

4. Fees

The guide assumes the costs of the commission fee.

5. Delay or Postponement of the Tour

The duration of the tour is to occur within the period arranged, unless the guide is prevented from reaching the tour location on time or at all by factors beyond his control (e.g. bad weather, heavy traffic, a demonstration, the rapid onset of illness). In such a case, the guide is to inform the client in due time.

6. Cancellation

A cancellation of your booking is possible without any restriction until the time set fort he tour. It is to be sent by e-mail. Your customer number, surname and forename must be in the subject box of the e-mail. In the case of cancellation on the part of the guide, he / she is to inform both the client and The assignment can be re-allocated.

7. Liability for Damage or Injury

The guide is liable for any eventual possible physical or personal damage or injury caused by the performance of the tour. The guide is responsible for arranging an adequate indemnity insurance policy. is excluded from any liability whatsoever.

8. Compensation

All future bookings with the guide provided by are to be arranged through, even in the case of acquaintance between client and guide. In the case of a tour with the guide or his/her referral to a third party without the knowledge of, compensation can and will be demanded.